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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a trailer hitch?

Many different terms are used to describe a trailer hitch (trailer hitch, ball, coupling bar, hitch, tow bar). A trailer hitch is the piece attached to the vehicle’s underside; it has a ball.

Is a ball a trailer hitch?

No, the common name is trailer hitch; the ball is part of the hitch and this is the part your trailer hooks onto.

What is vertical weight and tow weight?

Vertical weightrefers to the weight you put on the hitch ball.  The tow weight is the vehicle’s towing capacity.

When do I have to put on electric brakes?

When the weight of the tow load is at least half the weight of the vehicle. Example: If your camper weighs 2,000 lbs and your vehicle weighs 4,000 lbs, you need electrical brakes.

Can I tow a camper with a 2,000 lbs (Class 1) hitch?

No, your vehicle could be seriously damaged and is not designed for such a large load.

May I install a bike rack on all trailer hitches?

Yes, but you need to buy the bike rack that fits your vehicle. There is no guarantee that your vehicle can take the bike rack you want.

Example: You cannot install a 4-bike rack on the ball of a trailer hitch with less than 3500 lbs towing capacity. You must always refer to the owner’s manual.

Do I have to install a safety strap if I have a bike rack on my trailer hitch?

For maximum safety and to avoid swinging, we suggest using a safety strap for 3-bike (or more) racks.

May I tow my vehicle with my RV?

Many vehicles may be towed by an RV. However, this question should be settled with the salesman BEFORE you buy the vehicle.

When should I have electrical wiring installed on my vehicle?

When you want to tow a trailer, boat, camper or anything that needs rear lights.

Is electrical wiring universal?

No, there are several types of light converters. (Please refer to the electrical wiring recommended by SRG.)

Does SRG install fifth wheels?

No, SRG specializes only in manufacturing under-vehicle trailer hitches.

Is my trailer hitch protected against rust?

Each trailer hitch manufactured by SRG is sandblasted and powder-coated at 460 degrees to extend the life of the paint.

Does SRG do home deliveries?

For a delivery fee, SRG will deliver your trailer hitch to your home or workplace. For more information on online orders and delivery, see our webpage Customer Service.